Genesis Dambuster plugin basic settings

If you have the latest version of Genesis and a modern theme, you won’t need this plugin. A full width page option is now built into Genesis. Genesis Dambuster plugin makes your page full width and removes selected elements from your page, such as the post title or the navbar. The important facts… Your page … Read more

Beaver Builder Tutorial – The Basics

Beaver Builder links There are two versions of the Beaver Builder plugin and there is a Beaver Builder theme. Free Plugin | Premium Plugin (with loads of extras) I’ve made a set of Beaver Builder demo pages and some more tutorials on The Layout Grid: Beaver Builder tutorial step one The first step in … Read more

Hero Page Header Using Beaver Builder

Hero Page Header Text box beneath Hero Page Header You can do a lot with the free version of Beaver Builder. Today I’m making a Hero Page Header. If you’re new to Beaver builder see this starter tutorial. What is PowerPack Lite? The free version of Beaver Builder enables you to build basic web page … Read more

Font Awesome Icons and Text Boxes in WordPress

Putting Font Awesome icons above text boxes in Beaver Builder Lite I’ve installed two plugins, Beaver Builder Lite and PowerPack Lite for Beaver Builder. One of the PowerPack Lite modules makes it easy to add a textbox with Font Awesome icons. Font Awesome icons above text boxes in WordPress The module I use to add Font … Read more

Callout Boxes in Beaver Builder Lite

Adding a Callout Box to the free version of Beaver Builder using the PowerPack Lite plugin This tutorial uses the free versions of two plugins to add a callout box to WordPress… Beaver Builder Lite PowerPack Lite for Beaver Builder First log in to your site, then navigate to the page you’ve built using Beaver … Read more

Beaver Builder Problems

Themes that work especially well with Beaver Builder Dynamik Website Builder. This is aimed at very competent amateurs and small agencies. GeneratePress. This is an excellent theme for a small business or blog owner. Beaver Builder also make their own theme. But it’s not cheap. Beaver Builder is a plugin that is designed to work … Read more