Monochrome Pro Theme Additional CSS Classes | A Tutorial

Monochrome Pro theme by StudioPress has been updated and now has a blocks based homepage. (I have more Monochrome Pro tutorials.) The automatic install homepage of Monochrome Pro now uses the Atomic Blocks container block. The StudioPress demo site and the auto-install homepage look like they are built from page sections. The sections alternate between … Read more

Container Block | Atomic Blocks Tutorial

What is the Container block? (PS. I have more Monochrome Pro tutorials.) The container is part of the Atomic Blocks plugin and it lets you divide up your page into sections. So for instance you could have a hero section with a h1 heading, paragraph of text and then a button. This is a very … Read more

CSS basics for Gutenberg and Atomic Blocks

Before you start this CSS basics for Gutenberg tutorial, visit my demo page that goes with this tutorial. Gutenberg and Atomic Blocks are styled differently on different themes. I used the Revolution Pro theme by StudioPress in my demo. The blocks will probably look different in your theme, especially if you have an older theme … Read more

Build a Simple Homepage with Atomic Blocks and Gutenberg

There are six videos on this page… Video 1: The Header Section Video 2: The Logos Video 3: Headline and Paragraph Video 4: The Case Studies section Video 5 : The Call to Action block Video 6: Width Settings To build this homepage we’ll be using both Gutenberg blocks which are built into WordPress 5 … Read more