Academy Pro theme by StudioPress

Using the Widget Import Files to set up Academy Pro theme

The Widget Importer and Exporter plugin enables you to set up the widgets used on the homepage of the Academy Pro theme in a fraction of the usual time. To follow along with these videos and tutorials you’ll need Academy Pro theme and three plugins installed and activated… Academy pro theme Widget Importer & Exporter … Read more

Academy Pro Top Banner Settings

Academy Pro theme has an optional banner that you can display across the very top of the site. This tutorial helps you configure those Academy Pro Top Banner Settings. To customize the Academy Pro Top Banner Settings go to … Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Academy Pro Settings > Top Banner Settings In the … Read more

Academy Pro Hero Settings

The Hero Header section of Academy Pro theme is surprisingly easy to set up, once you know how to do it. Quick tip… There’s an easy way to get to all of the Academy Pro Hero Settings. When you’re logged in, view the front page of your website Look in the black bar at the … Read more

Academy Pro Front-Page-1 widget area settings

In this tutorial we’ll change the text in the Front-Page-1 widget area of Academy Pro theme. This widget area is immediately below the row of logos on the demo home page. On the demo site it looks like this… In the demo site the Front-Page-1 widget area contains two HTML widgets. If you’ve used my … Read more

Academy Pro Front-Page-2 widget area settings

The icon code I mention in the video is HERE In the front page of Academy Pro theme you’ll see a grid of six text boxes with icons above them. This grid is built from six Custom HTML widgets placed in the Front-Page-2 widget area. Each Custom HTML widget contains… Icon code A headline wrapped … Read more

Academy Pro Front-Page-3 widget area settings

Front-Page-3 widget area in Academy Pro theme contains a Custom HTML widget. This is what Front-Page-3 widget area looks like on the homepage of Academy Pro theme. The settings for this widget are… Headline: this is the widget title Red rounded button: this is the link with a class of “button” Text button with red … Read more

Academy Pro Front-Page-4 widget area settings

The testimonials section of Academy Pro demo page displays three testimonials below a short line of text. If you used my .wie widget import files to setup your front page, all you have to do now is carefully customize the text that is already in the widgets. If you’re starting from scratch and you want … Read more

Academy Pro Front-Page-5 widget area settings

On the Academy Pro demo site, the Front-Page-5 widget area displays the “About The Instructor” information… On the demo site this widget area contains two widgets An image widget A Custom HTML widget The image you use should be 300 pixels wide, the height is less important. Setting up the widgets in your own site … Read more

Academy Pro Front-Page-6 widget area settings

Please note! This page is divided into two sections… The eNews (mailing list) sign up box The FAQ section On the Academy Pro demo site Front-Page-6 widget area has an eNews Extended widget on the left and a Genesis Simple FAQ widget on the right. The Genesis eNews mailing list signup box I’ve made a … Read more

Academy Pro Customizer Settings

These are some Extra Settings for Academy Pro theme. In this tutorial I’m not listing every setting in the customizer. I’m only dealing with the settings that are specific to Academy Pro. Go to: Dashboard > Customize  and you’ll see this dialogue box. 1.) Colours To change the colour scheme go to: Dashboard > Customize … Read more