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Beaver Builder Problems

Themes that work especially well with Beaver Builder

Dynamik Website Builder. This is aimed at very competent amateurs and small agencies. GeneratePress. This is an excellent theme for a small business or blog owner. Beaver Builder also make their own theme. But it’s not cheap.

Beaver Builder is a plugin that is designed to work with any WordPress theme. However, it works better with some themes than others.

These are some of the problems I’ve encountered and how I fixed them.

Beaver Builder big gap at top of page

Top Gap

Large gap between the theme’s navbar and the top row in my Beaver Builder layout.

If you get a large gap at the top of your layout, apply a negative margin to the top row of your layout. For instance, I used a -100 pixel top margin.

Beaver Builder row settings negative margin

Row Toolbar Hidden

After I added a negative margin, that row’s toolbar moved up under the navbar and I could no longer access it.

So, when I wanted to access that row’s toolbar, I dragged an empty row above that row. This moved the row I wanted to access down and I could once again see the row’s toolbar.

Sticky Footer colour is visible behind my other rows

To solve this I just made sure all of the rows in my page layout have a background colour set.

Footer color showing through in Beaver Builder

Themes that work especially well with Beaver Builder