Affordable SEO reports

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Affordable SEO reports
Get an affordable SEO report before you consider paying for a search engine specialist. It’s the ideal solution for start-ups and small businesses.

These affordable SEO reports are ideal for start-ups and small businesses

Business SEO prices are high but this affordable SEO report will tell you if there are any simple fixes you can make to your website before you consider the much larger investment of an SEO agency, company or freelancer.

You can have an SEOmoz report run on four of your most important web pages. SEOmoz is one of the most respected SEO services available. You get a comprehensive report on four web pages of your choice. The report tells you if you’ve included your keywords in over 30 of the most important places on your web page. The report also gives you basic instructions to fix any major problems that are found.

You also get a “who links to you” report. Inbound links are a major part of SEO so it’s important to know as much as you can about the links that point to your site.

SEO for small business can be prohibitively expensive but armed with this SEO report you’ll have a good grasp of how search engine optimization works and how to optimize any new pages you make.

So if you want an affordable SEO report that checks the search engine optimization of your website and you want to receive a report on any major mistakes that are easily fixable. And if you want a better understanding of your website’s current search engine optimization before you decide if it’s worth investing in specialist SEO services, get in touch and I’ll be glad to help.

For many small businesses getting just one extra customer through their website will pay for the report’s costs. Now that’s got to be a bargain.

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