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Adding an image logo to Foodie pro

On this page I will Change the color of the Site Title and then upload an image logo to Foodie Pro to replace the text version of the Site Title.

Change the color of the Site Title text in Foodie Pro

By default, WordPress uses a text logo for your site. To change the text color of your Site Title in Foodie Pro is easy.
Go to…

  • Appearance > Customize > Colors
  • Click the: Site Title Color, button.
  • Choose a color.

Appearance Customize Foodie Pro


Customize Colors Foodie Pro


Customize Site Title Color Foodie Pro


The Tagline

The text that displays below the site title is called the tagline. The color of the tagline text is set using the Text Color option in…
Appearance > Customize > Colors: Text Color

So in Foodie Pro your tagline is the same color as the main body text of your web pages. This is usually Grey or Black.

Upload an Image Logo to Foodie Pro

Replacing the site title TEXT with an IMAGE logo.

Logo size 800×340 pixels
First you’ll need an image logo of exactly the right size. If your logo is not exactly 800×340 pixels it will be cropped by WordPress. So remember, your logo must be exactly 800×340 pixels if you want it to display properly.

Why such a big logo?
The reason you need the large logo image is so WordPress can display a crisp clear image on retina screens. Your logo will never actually display at it’s full size.

Before uploading your logo image

First you must remove the Site Title text and tagline text.
In the WordPress Dashboard got to…

  • Appearance > Customize > Site Identity
  • Remove the tick from the Display Site Title and Tagline tick box.
  • Ignore the Site Icon image option for now. This is nothing to do with your logo!

Site Identity Foodie Pro

Now you can add your logo to Foodie Pro. Go to…

  • Appearance > Customize > Header Image
  • Click: Add New Image
  • Upload an image from your computer
  • Make sure you click the blue: Crop Image button

Add New Header Image Foodie Pro

Don’t forget to click the Save and Publish button and close the customizer.
If your logo looks too big, or you can see the text AND the image logo. Make sure you followed the first step above. That removes the text title and tagline (the Site Identity).

With the help of Foodie Pro, your site is now starting to take shape.