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Academy Pro Front-Page-5 widget area settings

On the Academy Pro demo site, the Front-Page-5 widget area displays the “About The Instructor” information…

On the demo site this widget area contains two widgets

  1. An image widget
  2. A Custom HTML widget

The image you use should be 300 pixels wide, the height is less important.

Academy Pro Front-Page-5 screenshot
Academy Pro Front-Page-5 screenshot

Setting up the widgets in your own site

The Image Widget

  1. Drag an image widget into Front-Page-5 widget area.
  2. Click the button that says “Add Image” to display your own photo here.

The demo uses an image that is 299 pixels wide by 350 pixels high. The red border will appear around your image automatically.

Front-Page-5. The image widget Academy Pro theme
Front-Page-5. The image widget Academy Pro theme

The Custom HTML widget contains…

  1. A widget Title: “About The Instructor”
  2. Text in paragraph tags
  3. A Read More link
Front-Page-5 Custom HTML widget in Academy Pro theme
Front-Page-5 Custom HTML widget in Academy Pro theme

The first paragraph has a class of intro which makes the text larger.

To customize the read more link, just replace the hash or pound sign “#” with your link URL. Be careful not to delete the double quotes ” “

And don’t forget, if you used my .wie widget import file to set up your front page, these widgets will already be in place. You just need to customize the content. If you didn’t use my .wie file, you can still drag the widgets in to Front-Page-5 widget area by hand. You’d then have to add the tags and text yourself.

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