Small business web design, 5 pages for £250.

You also need web hosting which costs about £11 per month.

If you want to update and maintain your own website I can provide training videos.

I build websites that help you sell your services.

All service businesses face the same problems when trying to attract new customers or clients. You must…

  • demonstrate your skills
  • allay your customer’s fears
  • overcome customer objections
  • and make it easy for customers to contact you.

My websites help in all these areas and more. Service business web design is not rocket science, you just need the right content and the right plan. I can help you with both.

Writing content for service business websites.

Writing your content

I’ve made fill in the blanks templates to help you write your main web pages, home, about, services, and contact. I’ve also made a reusable template for your portfolio pages, just change the text and images for each job you do.

Update your own website

For an additional fee I can include 30 professionally made WordPress training videos in the dashboard of your website. I also include bonus videos I’ve made myself about SEO and contact forms.

Learn WordPress with WP101.

Find Out More About My Web Design Service

Looking for my old StudioPress tutorials?

I’ve moved my StudioPress tutorials to an inner page so I can concentrate on my web design service. Click the link below to go to my old tutorials.

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