StudioPress Website Setup Service

StudioPress provide a solid foundation that grows with your business. My StudioPress setup service helps you get started quickly and easily.

The easier way to get your first WordPress website

StudioPress sell great website themes at a sensible price. But if you’re new to WordPress it can seem a bit complicated. I’ve got a lot of practical experience with the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes. So…

Philip's StudioPress website Setup Service

I can set up your site to look like the StudioPress demo

How Philip’s StudioPress theme setup service works…

  1. Contact me and see if I’m available to setup your site.
  2. You choose and buy a StudioPress theme.
  3. You provide the right amount of content for the theme you’ve chosen. Some themes use featured images, so you need to provide these too. If you don’t have all of the necessary content yet, I can use place holder text to help you get started right away.
  4. You choose a domain name and sign up for a web host.
  5. I also recommend that you buy a subscription to This is a video training site that shows you how to update and maintain your own website.
  6. Once I have all of the content for your site and your hosting details, I start building and configuring your site. When you’re happy with the site you pay me and I transfer the login details etc. over to you.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Why I specialize in setting up StudioPress themes…

  • There are StudioPress themes to cater for most types of small business.
  • All StudioPress themes are built on the rock solid Genesis Framework.
  • There are excellent, cost effective plugins that help you modify and adapt the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes to your needs. I can change things like theme colours or home page layouts relitivly cheaply.
  • When your business grows, you can employ a Genesis developer, recommended by StudioPress, to build a completely bespoke theme or design for your website.
  • Genesis provides a long term web design foundation that can grow with your business. If your business grows in to a super brand, simply contact a Genesis Developer and commission a completely bespoke design for your web site. Your site would already be built on WordPress and the Genesis Framework so making the move to a completely bespoke design, commissioned from a top notch Genesis Developer, is that much easier.

Who needs a StudioPress theme setup service?

Copywriters, designers, coaches and trainers of all kinds. In fact StudioPress themes are ideal for any small business that sells their skills or services.

I don’t setup e-commerce websites

You could setup a WordPress e-commerce website using a StudioPress theme and an e-commerce plugin. However, if you’re looking for an online shop that you can maintain yourself I recommend It’s secure, affordable and designed to by used by mere mortals :-)

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes